5 Steps To Upgrade Your New iPhone

5 Steps To Upgrade Your New iPhone

Apple is the most popular brand in manufacturing the smart phone or iPhone . It has given a new birth to the mobile world. Each year a new iPhone is released by apple with some new and advanced features, applications and looks. The existing users of iPhone are always crazy about upgrade their devices when new one is released in the market. Upgrading your device is not too difficult or messy and even if you have a contract for at least two years with iPhone or willing to sign for a new smart phone then you will be given a discount on upgrade your device. To upgrade your iPhone, online upgrading process is to easier.

5 steps to upgrade your new iPhone

Just follow the steps I am giving here to upgrade your new iPhone:

Step 1. Go to www.att.com in your browser and go to iPhone page from the home page or simply search “iPhone” with the search box given on top right corner.

Step 2. Go to “Upgrade Option” and click on “Check Upgrade Eligibility” button to check if your device is eligible to upgrade  or not.

Step 3. If you have an existing account on AT&T then log in with your Access Id and Password else Create a free account on AT&T by clicking on Register Link below the log in box.

Step 4. AT&T will provide you the status of your iPhone Upgrade Eligibility and the price to upgrade the device.

Step 5. Check the select box and click on “Upgrade Selected Lines”. Now choose your new iPhone shown in the list and go to check out. Complete all filled required to check out and make transaction. As your transaction is succeed, you will receive a mail with your new iPhone . Congratulations you have upgraded your iPhone.

Article: 5 Steps To Upgrade Your New iPhone