How To Build A Website Step By Step

How To Build A Website Step By Step

This is my first tutorial on blogadditon dedicated to newbie who want to build a website but don’t know anything about website building. By learning some basic steps to create a website, you can easily build a website . This is not a tough task if you have a determination of learning website building. It takes some time to learn. I am giving some steps that are very important to build a website .

Step 1. Learn Basic HTML and CSS :

To build a website the first thing is to learn HTML and CSS. In this world, if there is an easy language exists, then that is HTML and CSS. HTML is a basic mark up language that is used to render a web page in browser. When you open a website on internet, just press CTRL+U. You will see the HTML code of that webpage in a window. HTML language  has no any kind of conditions, loops and other typical logic. Generally people have set a thing in their mind that programming languages are so hard and they can’t learn them easily but I would like to break this myth that nothing is hard in this world. You  have to do some practice only. HTML is a complete course of about 3 days only and CSS is a course of about 3-4 days. After learning some basics of HTML and CSS you will be able to create a web page easily and run it directly in browser. There are many HTML learning resources available on internet but I would like to prefer for dummies. It has very good examples and skills to teach you all languages in a managed way. There are many software available to create a website design e.g. dreamwaver etc. but they also need a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS to use them.

Build A Website Step By Step

Step 2. Create a Local Web Server Environment In Your Computer:

After learning HTML and CSS you will be making very good web pages for your website but the second important thing is to create a local web server environment in your local computer system. Actually all the websites are hosted on a web server that is bought by spending some money to web hosting company but to learn the website building you have to make our computer a local server that works exactly like other web servers on internet. The meaning of local web server is to see the website on local computer only not public.  By installing some recommended web server software, the computer can be made local web server. A web root folder is created in web server installation directory such as www or htdocs depends on the web server software. All the website files and folders are put in this web root folder. Apache is the most popular web server software used widely today to build a website.

Step 3. Register A Domain Name For Your Website:

When our website is ready and runs fine on your local computer system you have to upload it on remote web server to let other people to access it on internet.  But before uploading it to the server you have to register a domain name for your website. The domain name is a identity name of website e.g. in, is the domain name. Many companies provide domain name registration service. Just go to their website and find the domain name search box. Enter your appropriate domain name to check its availability. If it is available, complete their further registration process and buy it or if it is not available on that website, try for another name because that will be no longer available anywhere else on internet Domain names are managed under a hierarchy headed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). After buying the domain name you will get a domain control  panel that is used to make other domain name operations such as transfer domain name, update name servers, renew your domain name, protect your domain name etc. Once you have bought the domain name, your website has got registered on internet and nobody can get this name.

Step 4. Buy A Web Hosting Server:

Now after registering the domain name, you have to register for a web hosting server. The web hosting server is bought from a web hosting company that provides a web space according to your need. They have a big hard disk and divide it into their users. After buying the web hosting server you will get a web hosting control panel that is also known as cpanel.

Step 5. Update Domain Name Servers :

This is the most important step that is must and most of the people don’t know about it. After buying the web hosting server, they provide you two primary and secondary name servers and both the name servers have to be placed in your domain name control panel where you bought the domain name from. In the domain control panel, there is an option of updating name servers and just update both the name servers. Otherwise your website will not work even you have uploaded all your files to server. Updating domain name servers takes around 12 to 24 hours to propagate them.

Step 6. Upload Website On Web Hosting Server:

When you get your cpanel in your web hosting account, you will see a file manager icon that has various web folders. One of them is “public_html” that is used to put all your website files. Just upload your files in that folder and run your website in browser by typing your domain name. You will see your website live.

These are the basic steps that help the dummies and newbie to build a website very first time.