Recycle Your Old iPhone With New iPhone

Recycle Your Old iPhone With New iPhone

iPhone is a series of smart phones that runs on Apple’s most popular mobile operating system iOS. iPhone is very expensive smart phone due to its many incredible features. So if a person buys iPhone, he thinks 20 times before buying a new one. Apple’s iPhone recycling program may be proven a boon for those persons. If you have an old iPhone and willing to buy a new one, just use Apple’s iPhone recycling program and recycle your old iPhone with new iPhone. According to this, some hardware or electronics parts of your old iPhone will be salvaged for other iPhone devices and you will get a discount coupon to buy a new iPhone device. Apple gives a credit to buy a new iPhone if you recycle your old iPhone device. So today recycle your old iPhone step by step and go to apple store to get new mobile phone.

Recycle Your Old iPhone With New iPhone

Use the following steps to recycle your old iPhone with new iPhone device.

There are two methods available to recycle iPhone mobile.

Recycle your iPhone via Apple In-Store:

Step 1. First of all make your iPhone ready to recycle it. Back up all your important data like contact list and multimedia items. You can recycle every kind of device that runs on iOS mobile operating system such  as iPods, iPhones and other cell phones.

Step 2. Locate your nearest Apple mobile store and go to there.

Step 3. Talk to any Apple Store person about recycle your old iPhone and provide your device. The Apple clerk will take the device and recompense you a 10 percent discount coupon to buy a new iPhone device at any Apple Retail Stores.

Recycle your iPhone via Online Postal Mail:

Step 1. If you want to recycle your old iPhone via online postal mail, just go to apple recycle program page recycling/ipod-cell-phone/ .

Step 2. An online form “Recycle via Mail” will be shown on this page. Just fill out all the essential information like first name, last name, address, city, zip code, email address, quantity of your iPhone or iPod.

Step 3. Choose your shipping option as Prepaid Printable Label or Prepaid Mailer. If you choose Prepaid Printable Label, you can take a print out of the label. Click on continue button for further processing.

Step 4. Now place your iPhone in the given box and affix the label to it. Ship the whole package to Apple. A 10 percent discount coupon will be emailed you by Apple. Use this discount coupon at any Apple Retail Store when your package is processed. So recycle your old iPhone today.