How To Backup Your Phone Data – 12 Top Services

How To Backup Your Phone Data – 12 Top Services

In this tutorial I have told that How To Backup Your Phone Data . If your mobile phone is lost then might be your important data may also be lost. In addition you may have to take a new mobile phone or device. So in this situation, it is necessary to take the complete backup of your phone data.

There are 12 top services I have discussed here which let you to backup your data.

Cloud Based Services:

1. One Media Hub: The first one is One Media Hub. This is a free backup service. One Media Hub provides cross platform mobile and desktop apps facility with 500 MB cloud storage. By using this service,  you can backup your phone data and important information. It has address book, multimedia and all supported files. One Media Hub can be synchronize with all devices. You can set the mobile app with the help of Wi-Fi connection for automatic synchronizing in One Media Hub.

2. Phone Copy: Phone Copy is also a cross platform service. With Phone Copy, you can backup your phone data , contacts, messages and calendar entries and can sync them with all devices. Phone Copy also offers the apps for all kind of smart phones. This supports the synchronization on data connection. You can go to Phone Copy website to reach the sync contacts and edit them.

3. SanDisk Memory Zone: SanDisk Memory Zone is a free multi-faced app that works only on Android Mobile. This can send your data present in phone memory into your memory card. You can move your files into memory card with the help of SanDisk Memory Zone. This can sync your data with your favorite cloud service. To do this you have to sign in with drop box, Google docs, sugersync or sky drive. After this you will not have to face any problem. You can use the password protection feature also to protect your data with SanDisk Memory Zone.

4. Indefend Backup: Indefend backup works only on Android. It can backup your text messages, phone book, call logs, calendar entries, internet history and other settings on its own online server. You can download Indefend

desktop software from to access all of your backed up data and make your work easy.

Computer Software:

5. Desktop Software: Most of the mobile phone manufacturers provide their software to sync the mobile phone with the computer. This substantially decreases your discomfort. Generally these software provide an option to synch the contacts of your mobile phone with Microsoft Outlook Express or Windows Contacts/Address Book. After then you can export all of your contacts in CSV or any other suitable format and backup them.

6. Mobile Go: Mobile Go comes with merge duplicate feature and presents an easy and one click data backup solution for Android smart phone. Although with the help of contact manager, you can transfer your contacts among symbion, iOS and Android. You can import or export your contracts from outlook, windows address book or windows mail if you want. You can download Mobile Go from http://www.wondersharecom. It is very easy to use.

7. Copytrans Contacts: Copytrans Contacts is available for windows operating system only. Copytrans Contacts provides you to backup your contacts with iPhone/iPad touch or iPad. You can export your backed up contacts on Gmail, Outlook or Icloud. You can view your contacts on the computer by using desktop client of copytrans contacts. This feature makes it special and amazing. You have to go at to download this software.

8.Xiilsoft: Xilisoft also works only for windows. This is used to back up the contacts. In addition, you can store your data on Bluetooth. Xilisoft can take the backup of your text messages, email, calendar entries and favorites. All of your data can be viewed on your own computer. It resolves all of your backup problems. To download Xilisoft, you have to go on

Device Based Services

9. Apple Icloud: If you already have echo system of Apple devices (for both Mac and iOS), then you can sync your contents on all devices. After this you have to sign in to get your data from any of the devices.

10. Black Berry Protect: This is a free application. You can get it from By the help of Black Berry Protect, you can back up all of your data easily. If you lost your device then just wipe it remotely and don’t let others to misuse it. Rather it, if you need to change the device then all the data can be transferred to another one.

11. Google Sync: Google can back up all of your android device data easily. To do this you have to open your Google account and sync it. After this, you must sure that your devices is properly sync with your gmail account. If it is not, then first sync your device properly with the gmail account. You can go to for other devices.

12. Samsung Account: Samsung has around 35% market of global smart phone market in the world. If you have Samsung smart phone, you have to create a Samsung account and synchronize your mobile to it. After this all of your data will be backed up automatically. If you lost your data then don’t worry. You will get it easily with your Samsung account.

These are the top softwares and services that tell you “ How To Backup Your Phone Data “.