Create Custom iPhone Ringtones From iTune Songs For Free

Create Custom iPhone Ringtones From iTune Songs For Free

iPhone already has a lot of amazing features in itself and in addition, it will be more interesting if we become able to create our own iPhone ringtones from iTune . In this post, I’m going to tell you that how to create a custom ringtone for your iPhone from the iTune music library if you don’t want to pay twice for a song. The trick, you are learning here is not illegal but you can make the iPhone ringtone from your non-DRM songs present in the iTune music library because this is not possible with all songs bought from iTune store. They are DRM protected and non-editable. You can do it on both Mac and windows operating systems.

So lets start making the iPhone ringtones for your new lovely iPhone with the following steps:

1. Launch iTune in your computer and start listening the song (it should be non-DRM song imported from a CD or pen drive or something else) to which you want to convert into a ringtone.

2. Now find the part of the song which will be cut for your ringtone and note down the start and end time of that clip.

3. Right-Click on the playing song and select the option “get info”. Click on the “Options” tab that you are seeing here.

4. Now enter both your start and end time which you noted down in both text boxes (Start Time and End Time) shown in “Options tab”. Enter the time in valid format (Minute:Second).

5. Click on “OK” button and Right-Click again on the song.

6. You will see an option “Convert Selection to AAC”. Just click on it and wait for some time. iTune will create a duplicate version of the song.

7. Now Right-Click on the ringtone and delete it. A “Keep Files” option will be shown on delete window. Click on “Keep Files”. If you don’t want to delete it, simply drag the file on your desktop and then send it to iPhone.

8. Find the file in your iTunes Music folder placed in Music>iTune folder if you did not drag it. The extension of file is m4a which should be converted into m4r to make it compatible for iPhone. So just change the extension of file into m4r by renaming it or by any other suitable software. Some times the extension of file does not change by rename it with latest versions of iTune, So you have to use another software to do it.

9. Now sync your iPhone with iTune as you do daily and send the ringtone in your “Ringtones” folder of iPhone.

There are so many iPhone applications present on the apple store to make iPhone ringtones . You can buy Xilisoft iPhone Ringtone Maker. To get the iPhone Ringtones maker applications, just click on App Store icon and type the word “iPhone Ringtones” in search box. A list of apps will be shown. Ringtone Maker and Ringtone Designer are two most popular free iPhone Ringtone Maker apps and Ringtone Maker Pro and Ringtone Designer Pro are two most popular and high rated paid (just for $0.99) iPhone apps to make iPhone Ringtones.